Thursday, May 1, 2014

My First Julep Box

My very first Julep box arrived in the mail today!  I'm so excited to try out these fabulous new products.

I've been contemplating a Julep subscription for the past few months.  Lately, I've gotten pretty obsessed with nail polish, and I've heard some great things about Julep.  I'll keep you updated as I try the products.

This weekend, I saw a promotion to get your first box free, and that clinched it!  So I took the plunge!  Sure enough, I got my first box for free and even added on two extra nail polishes for a few extra dollars.

Every month I'll receive two nail polishes and a beauty product.  And the best part: I get to choose what I want each month!  Julep has five different options to choose from each month and tons of other products, specials, and rewards.

Interested in joining Julep?  Just click the button below to get your style profile and your first box free!  (And I'll get rewards for my referrals too.  Sweet!)

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