Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Wins

So, I know it's not Wednesday, but I'm going to post some wins anyway!
First off, I picked up this new journal at Marshall's for a steal the other night.  It's so cute.  But my favorite part by far is the end paper pattern.  How adorable is that?!  So, I've got a great new prayer journal, which always makes me happy.  It's like starting a new chapter in life, even though not a ton has changed.  
One thing I've started doing recently, thanks to Beth Moore's inspiration, is quoting more scripture in my prayers and praises.  I've really enjoyed it, and what better way to show my God that I love him than to show him how much his Word means to me.  It's been really cool; you should try it!

Another win is that our apartment complex just got a gym!  So now I can go run/work out without dying in the sun and heat.  Thomas and I have already used it a couple of times, and it's great!  I've kind of slacked off in running lately because it's so hot, and the band schedule makes it a little funky to work out without taking at least two showers a day, which I'm really not a fan of.

One last thing: Beth Moore's Beloved Disciple Bible study is a huge win.  God is teaching me so much through this study, and it is so invigorating!  I'm enjoying all of the revelations God is giving me through it.  Really, I finish each day's study with a joyful heart and a hunger to be closer to God and his Word.  It's just amazing.  If you're looking for a great women's Bible study, check this one out!  (The videos are a tad outdated, you'll see by Beth's hairstyles some weeks, but the Word of God that she preaches from is never outdated!)

Happy Friday!

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