Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello 2015

2014 is gone and now 2015 is well underway.  I know I owe a few updates... I'm not sure I know where to begin.

I can not wait until Thomas and I buy a house.  I got some more fantastic kitchen stuff for Christmas, and I am so excited to have a kitchen to put all of it in soon!  We're finally getting the process started, but who knows how long it will end up taking.  I'm so excited though.  I can't wait to get to pick out my own paint colors and design the rooms.  Yay!  My biggest struggle is definitely my impatience.  I just need to keep myself in check and try to enjoy the process and not just the end goal.

Thomas also got me an amazing Christmas gift that speaks to my inner geek and book lover.  You see, in my perfect world, whatever house I had would have a "old world" style library (no matter the style of the house).  It would have books from floor to ceiling, so much so that you'd need one of those fabulous rolling ladders to reach the books on the higher shelves.  There would be a huge fireplace and old red leather high-backed chairs.  And one wall would be filled from floor to ceiling with antiqued maps.

So for Christmas, Thomas added to my collection with a beautiful map of Narnia.   It's a beautiful shadow-box, and the map has beautiful color and detail.  Here's the photo from Amazon.

Of course, I know that our house won't have a magically fantastic library in it, but I will have enough walls to hang my growing map collection!

So long for now!

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