Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Simple Saturday

Well... when I woke up this morning, I definitely could not have predicted how this day was going to go.  I was planning on doing some laundry, cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, and generally being productive.  And welp, absolutely none of that happened today.  Because when I got out of the shower, I pulled a muscle in my neck (for the second time in a few months).  And it is debilitating.  Mer.

So, the pain put me on the floor, and then I couldn't get myself up off the floor.  Double mer.  So, I've mostly sat around today doing things where I don't have to use my neck muscles to hold my head up (mainly binge watching "Criminal Minds" on Netflix).  Thank goodness it's not as bad as the first time I pulled it, but it's still pretty painful.

But thankfully, My hubs is wonderful, and he is very sympathetic toward my low pain tolerance.  When I was feeling a bit better, we grabbed some lunch out and then went to a movie (another thing I can do without having to hold my neck up).

We decided on "American Sniper".  And it was incredibly interesting.  Going into it, I had heard of Chris Kyle and that he was "the deadliest sniper in American history", and I also knew that he was killed after he came home.  But, beyond that, I didn't know anything about who he was or what he had done.  And I don't know if the movie accurately portrayed his life or not, but it was very enlightening.  I enjoyed it.  I certainly covered my eyes a few times, and teared up a few as well.  It definitely reminds me that there are so many people out there that have given more than I can possibly imagine for the freedoms I enjoy and take for granted.  And I am very grateful to those people, not just the soldiers, police officers, etc, but also their families and friends.  Truly, thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

And now, I'm back home, doing more Netflix binge-ing, working on a gallery wall for work, and desperately wanting a snack.  Happy Saturday night!  Lol!

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