Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cute Kitten Overload

Warning:  If you do not like cute pictures of cats, DO NOT read any farther on this post.  There really isn't much content except for me being a typical adorable kitten owner and showing off photos of my babies.

We've had Luna for a while now, and though she is still having to be confined to a small room while we're out of the house or sleeping, just because she can't be trusted to not get into trouble or eat Lo's food.  But, she's doing really well.  She has adjusted to her new home and food, and she really seems to like her new sister.  Lolo, however, is still taking things slow.  She and Luna have been playing quite a lot and greeting each other in the mornings when I let Luna out of her room, but there's hasn't really been any cuddling or loving on each other.

So here are some cute photos of Luna antics, and the sweet few moments that I happen to capture with a camera.

The girls taking a break from a play session.

Apparently Daddy's belt is fun.

And Mommy's purse.

Luna and Daddy napping together.

Sleeping under a blanket.

And again.

And a very rare moment of the girls napping together!!!

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