Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Best Anniversary Present Ever!!!!

Meet Luna, our new kitten!

Yesterday we adopted her from the Humane Society, and I could not be happier!  She is such an adorable little kitten!  She is a domestic shorthair (which is fancy talk for being a mutt), and her color is classified as blue with little patches of cream.  She's about 3 1/2 months old and weighs in at just 3 lbs.

Back story:  I just love animals.  I'm not just a cat person; I'm an animal person.  We rescued Lo a few years ago.  She was a stray that we found in the parking lot of our apartment complex on a cold January night.  We turned her in to the Humane Society just in case she had an owner, but I had already fallen in love.  So as soon as the waiting period was up, we adopted her and moved to a new apartment complex that allowed pets.  When we moved to Florida, our new complex had a rule of a $350 non-refundable deposit for each pet you owned.  So getting another animal was pretty much out of the question.  We kept saying that we would get another pet when we didn't have to pay a deposit.

So, since we've moved to Missouri, I've been feeling bad about how much Lo is left alone.  Thomas and I both have jobs, so she's alone for a good portion of the day.  And then soon after we get home, we have to go back upstairs to cook and eat dinner (she's not allowed to come upstairs because Thomas' parents have two 130-pound golden retrievers), so she's also alone for quite a bit of the evening.  Thomas has sort of joked/hinted about getting Lolo a sister to keep her company while we're gone, but I never imagined that he'd go pick her out and bring home a picture of her, telling me that a kitten was my anniversary present!!!

Going in to this , we knew that Lolo would probably have some trouble adjusting since she's been an "only kitty" for her whole life and has never really been socialized with other animals much.  She's being pretty difficult, but Luna has such a sweet personality that I'm confident that they will get along great as soon as Lo calms down.

So far, we've noticed that Luna absolutely loves to play; she's got that adorable kitten clumsiness.  She really enjoys climbing up onto our shoulders.  And she hasn't really realized that she can jump yet.  She also purrs like there's no tomorrow.  It's LOUD.  And she loves to be petted with two hands at the same time.

We are so smitten!

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