Thursday, August 8, 2013

This One's For You Mom and Dad

Ok, sorry, but this post is going to be sentimental.  So, if that's not your thing, feel free to just stop reading.  It won't hurt my feelings; in fact, I won't even know!

 I just want to publicly declare that I have the best parents in the world.  (I know, I know, you think yours are better than mine.  That's ok; but just know that you're wrong.)  Since growing up, getting married, and moving to Florida, I have come to love and respect my parents even more than I did when I was younger.  Part of this is because, when you're a teenager, you love your parents, but you mostly respect them out of duty.  Another part of this growth is getting to speak to my parents as adults.  Of course, I'll always be their little girl, but I've really enjoyed the friendship and companionship I have felt with them in the past few years.

Being 1100 miles away certainly has something to do with these feelings.  I miss my parents a lot.  Somedays it's almost unbearable that I can't just meet my mom for lunch, or go over to their house for dinner and board games, or just talk to them face to face.  But, it's not just that.  The past two years in Florida have been so wonderful and so difficult for many reasons.  And every step of the way, my parents have been there, on the phone with me, sending emails, listening to me cry, encouraging me, praying for me, loving me.  And I could not ask for better, more patient, more Godly, more wonderful parents.

Mom and Dad, I miss you so much.  I know that I am always in your prayers, and that means so much to me.  Thank you for everything that you've done for me over the years.  But mostly, thank you for guiding me into a life that, above all, seeks to follow the Lord.  I am always working on becoming the Godly woman you've taught me to be.  And I couldn't do it without your love, support, and guidance.  I love you both.

Ok, so I feel the need to end on something funny to get the lump out of my throat.  So for everyone else out there, here's the short version of how I convinced my dad to let me get a dog when I was a little girl.  (Side note: I don't actually remember this happening, but I've heard the story told so many times that I have fake memories of it.)

So, I really wanted a dog.  Really bad.  And there wasn't really a reason why we didn't have one except that Dad did not want one.  So one day, I went to find Dad to ask him if we could get a dog.  He was in the bathroom (but as a toddler, that obviously didn't matter to me).  So, I stood out in the hallway, and asked (I'm sure in the best adorable voice I had) "Daddy, can we get a dog?"

"No honey, we can't get a dog," came the reluctant reply from the other side of the door.

But apparently, I had a back up plan.  "Then, can we get a baby?"

"Ok honey, we'll get a dog."  (Haha!  Cute toddler logic wins!)

So, soon after that, we got Bridgette, who was a wonderful family dog for many years!

The end.  Now I feel like I need to go bake something!  Lol.

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