Monday, May 19, 2014

Braids {Little Lovelies}

As I mentioned in this post, I'm slightly addicted to braids right now; they're just so lovely.  I keep seeing them all over Pinterest, and they're absolutely adorable!  So, I've been working on my braiding skills (which are very, very limited) and trying out almost any style that's easy enough for my fingers to understand and replicate!  Here are some of the styles I've attempted.

**Please excuse the quality of the photos.  I am absolutely horrible at taking pictures of my hair with or without the use of a mirror.

This is a style I whipped up for the beach one day.  Yes, the phone/camera is conveniently placed to cover up my face as I was getting ready for the beach and had absolutely no makeup on.  I started out by parting my hair in a U shape and French braiding the U-shaped section all the way around my head and down to the end (I think it accidentally turned into a Dutch braid there for a bit).  Then I used the hair that wasn't French braided and divided it into two sections and did a traditional braid with the end of the French braided section as the third piece for the braid.  I liked the result for the beach because it made sure all of my little flyaways were pulled back.

This style was super simple.  I just parted my hair on the side (where I normally part it) and then took a small section out of the front-center of my head and braided it.  Then I pulled all of my hair into a messy bun.  That's it, but it was a cute way to spice up a traditional messy bun.

This here is my first attempt at a fishtail braid.  Who knew that a two-strand braid could be harder than a three-strand one?!  I need a lot more practice with this one.

This is a crown braid and messy bun combo.  I took the back-bottom of my hair and braided it into two ropes.  I pulled the rest of my hair back into a messy bun and then wrapped the braids up around my head into a crown.  The result was a kind of bohemian-messy-cute-fancy-updo.

And this is just a simple French braid on the side of my head.  Once again, I parted my hair on the side and started braiding on the side with more hair.  This is a cute style that I stole from a movie and it's actually a lot easier that braiding across the back of your head because your hands don't have to switch positions so many times.

And lastly, here is my first attempt at a Dutch braid.  Not bad, right?!  I was pretty happy with it since it's one I haven't really done before.

So there are some of the braided styles I've tried.  I've found most of my inspiration from Pinterest, so if you're interested in learning some new braiding styles, there are tons and tons of great tutorials on there!

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