Friday, May 23, 2014

What It's All About

I promised yesterday that today's post would be happier.  However, I will keep it short because I know you are all probably getting bored with my enthusiasm about my training program.

I may have mentioned just a few teensy times that I've been doing a new training program since the middle of April.  {Please note the sarcasm; I know I've talked about it quite a lot.}

So now that I am (over) halfway through the program, I am finally ready to share what all the excitement is about!  There are a few reasons why I haven't wanted to share until now:
  1. I was super afraid that I would fail and/or chicken out, and I didn't want to have to share that with the world if it did happen.
  2. I hadn't told ANYONE what I was planning and training for the first few weeks, so I wanted to give myself time to warm up to the idea and then tell a few people close to me first.
  3. I wanted to have a proper goal as motivation to keep me going before I told the world.  Then I'd be less likely to fail right in front of all of you.
So... without further ado... here it is...

I am training for a sprint triathlon in August!!!  Woohoo!  As you can tell from all of the updates, I'm super excited about it.

And the crazy thing is that until about a year ago, I had never run more than a mile in my entire life.  And you practically had to force me at gun point to run the whole thing!  But now I'm really, really enjoying running.

So here's the jist of my program:
  • Monday - Run for a set distance (It increases by a half mile each week.), then lift weights (arms only)
  • Tuesday - Swim laps and bike for a set distance (Each week the distances increase.)
  • Wednesday - Run for a set time (increasing by 5 minutes each week), then lift weights (arms)
  • Thursday - Same as Tuesday
  • Friday - Run for a set time (5 minutes less than Wednesday), then lift weights (arms)
  • Saturdays and Sundays - rest
It's a pretty rigorous program since I'm working out pretty heavily for five days straight each week, but I'm really enjoying it.  I did sort of ease into it because I was working out sporadically before I started this set program.  I also had two goals when I created it: I wanted to be able to run a 10K (just over 6 miles) without walking, and I wanted to be able to complete a sprint triathlon.

Now that Thomas and I have everything planned for the move, I was able to pick out a race and set my goal for certain, so my brother and I (and maybe Thomas) will be participating in a sprint triathlon in August that will require us to swim 1/4 mile, bike 12.5 miles, and then run 2.5 miles!  I'm super excited, and since I won't be doing it alone, I think it will be even more fun!

So, I promise, I will stop there.  If you'd like to know more about my training program, I would be happy to give you more details or a copy of it, but I figure that the average person has no interest in it.

Woohoo!  Happy post!

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