Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Date Day! and a rather long discussion of movies

This was supposed to by my "Lundi Little Lovelies" post yesterday, but alas, I was so busy having a wonderful date day, that I just didn't have time to sit down and blog it all.

Thomas had the day off work yesterday, so we had a little bit of a date day!  (And of course, I have no pictures to show for it.  I really need to get better at taking pictures.)

First up, we went to lunch at The Mansion.  Yum yum!  They have absolutely great sandwiches, but the part that surprised me the most was their french fries!  They are like the best french fries I've ever eaten.  Yum!  And their chocolate silk pie is quite delicious also!

We had some time to kill before our afternoon movie so we browsed around Barnes and Noble for a while.  Don't you just love bookstores?!  I do.  A lot.

And then we went to see "World War Z", which I was a little worried about, considering I had a zombie nightmare Sunday night and had to wake myself up enough to get out of it that I didn't really go back to sleep.  (Just fyi, I'm the kind of person who will get nightmares from anything.  Like, when I was younger, I got nightmares from the Injun Joe character from the movie "Tom and Huck" when I should have been way too old for that to be scary.  And I have really psycho dreams even without nightmares.)  But anyway, I really wanted to see it, but my stipulation was that we had to see it in the afternoon, not at night.  And it was really good.  (Only if you like that kind of movie, though.  Mom, you would not like it.)  I know the zombie and vampire thing has been played out quite a bit lately, but I do enjoy seeing all the new things writers come up with.  Most zombie/vampire movies succeed in creating something new when I'm thinking that there couldn't possibly be a new take on the undead.  A couple of random things I liked about the movie:
  • Brad Pitt's character was not married to a twenty-something person.  It was so funny, though, I kept looking at the actress who played his wife thinking, she's too old for Brad Pitt!  But then I remembered how old he actually is now, and thought, Wow!  Kudos to them for giving him a realistically aged wife.  (She wasn't old by any means, I just always think of Brad Pitt as like 29, even though he ages just the same as the rest of us.  Ok, maybe not exactly the same... he definitely ages a little better than most of us.)
  • I really liked the way the movie was filmed.  At many points, Brad Pitt's character notices things (he plays an investigator for the UN).  When chaos is going on around him, he notices key details about the situations, not in a theatrical way, but in a way that someone could be trained to look for and notice details.  And through the movie, his characters is working things out and thinking them through, and it's almost like you get to solve the mysteries with him.  Sort of like watching CSI or NCIS, the whole time, the movie shows you what he sees in a situation and you're trying to put the puzzle pieces together like he is.  (I'm a very involved movie watcher.  Thomas and I are the people who are constantly leaning over and whispering predictions in each others' ears as we watch, trying to figure it out before the characters do.)
  • A shout out to the movie makers for creating a movie that helped me burn calories while watching!  Seriously, very large amounts of adrenaline were coursing through my veins for the entire movie.  I'm really jumpy to begin with, especially with movies like this.  But this had zombies jumping out, Brad Pitt trying to figure out the puzzle, the race against time, the fight against impossible odds.  Wow.  Seriously, my heart was still pounding and I was jittery long after the movie was over.  It was intense to say the least.
  • The official music/theme song of the movie was Muse.  That was just awesome.  All through the movie, you could hear the under currents of their songs.  Love it.
Before you jump off your couch to go see a movie I like, you should know that I am all together too apt to like movies in general.  I like almost everything I watch and can easily downplay the faults in a movie if I like something else about it.  Some people may say that I have poor taste in movies, but it isn't really that, I just like all movies.  Except horror movies.  I don't watch horror movies.  And you're thinking... um World War Z is about zombies taking over the planet, that sounds pretty horrific to me. And that is true.  However, I have my own definition of a horror movie that goes something like this:  A horror movie is one where the sole purpose of the movie is to scare.  The plot, characters, and setting are all created around fear, and without the motive to scare the audience, the movie would be nothing.  So, I watch zombie movies, post-apocalyptic movies, vampire movies, etc., but nothing scarier than that.  Thrillers are fine, horror NOT!

Then the hubs and I came home and played some Wii, etc.  And we ended the night on the porch making s'mores with candles.  I just love s'mores, and since we have nowhere to make a bonfire, candles on the porch is the next best thing!

What a lovely day!  Dates with the hubs are the best!  Finding contentment is definitely easier on some days!

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