Friday, October 10, 2014

Work Work Work

This has been a crazy week!  I'm super glad it's Friday night and I've got a weekend of hanging out with my hubby ahead of me!  So, I'm at home, sitting in bed in a comfy new sweater watching some "Criminal Minds" and typing away!

I got some new responsibilities at work this week.  And I can be good at multi-tasking when I'm prepared, but when I'm not, I get overwhelmed pretty quick.  So, getting used to my new responsibilities took quite a bit of brain energy.  I'm glad I have the weekend to get my head around it more, and then I get to start next week fresh and with a plan!

Thomas and I are going to see Dracula Untold tomorrow.  I'm not sure how good it will be, but getting to hear Luke Evans talk for two hours will make sure a good movie!  He has one of those really great speaking voices, you know?!  And I am definitely interested in a story of how a good man decided to become Dracula.

Then we've got plans with my family to cheer on the Cardinals.  I know it's pretty much a crime to not be a huge Cardinals fan when you live in St. Louis, but I'm not.  I will watch parts of the game with Thomas when he wants to watch them, but I don't really care about baseball.  So really, I'm going for the food and the company, but don't tell the rest of St. Louis that.  Lol.

Man, am I missing my Florida lately.  It's been getting colder and super rainy this week.  I miss my sunshine and warmth and my friends.  Missouri certainly has its high points, but this week their not as easy to see.

I'm going to get started at my weekend started!  Enjoy yours!

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