Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kittens and Hair-dos

We've had our adorable little kitten for almost three months now.  She is every bit as adorable, obnoxious, inquisitive, and persistent as the day we got her!  The only difference is that she's getting bigger.  We love her to death but still don't trust her one tiny bit!  I'm looking forward to two weeks from now when she'll have her front claws taken out so that she won't accidentally spear me when we're playing.  But I will miss her fantastic climbing skills.  Here are some pics of my babies!
The ceiling fan was on... This is the face I got.  Not to mention the fact that she's laying in my jeans.
Both cats seriously love this box.
"If I fits, I sits." -Lolo
My slippers are really soft and fuzzy (and hideous, Thomas says).
I was watching a cat video, so she came to watch with me.  She kept pawing the screen and pausing the video.  It was so adorable.
Lolo has been obsessed with towels that have outside smells on them right now.
Luna loves to nap with me.  She totally hopped up and laid with me like this all by herself.
She and Lo are getting along much better.  They're definitely still not best friends, but they are warming up to each other.  Luna is working at keeping Lo young and fit by playing with her constantly, and Lo is making up for it by eating most of Luna's food.  Lol.

What can I say... I love them!

I'm also totally still loving my hew hair cut.  I've been playing around with different styles.  And today I wore it in a ponytail for the first time.  Lol.  Pony tails used to be my go-to, everyday style, but in the past year or so I just haven't been wearing them hardly at all.  Weird.  I'm more into the braids and more "interesting" styles nowadays.  Here's the original pic (blowdry only) and straightened and curled, all of which take so much less time to do than they did with hair that was almost a foot longer!
Happy Saturday!

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