Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recent Happenings

Well, I have felt really busy lately.  I'm not as busy as a lot of people, but I'm still just having a hard time adjusting to all of the changes we've gone through since the move. 

Last week, I planted flowers in my mother-in-law's planters.  I was pretty excited because I bought most of the plants on clearance, and for the most part, they're perking up pretty well!  We've had quite a bit of rain lately, so they're certainly not thirsty!  These photos are from just a few days after planting, and they're even starting to look better!  Yay!

I've also had my first Smoothie King since moving back, and man was it de-li-cious!!!  Raspberry Sunrise, I love you!

Thomas and I have gone on a couple country drives so far, and I can honestly say that those are the times when I'm truly happy we're here.  The hills and valleys, the winding roads, the sunshine and shade.  Country drives are amazing.

I also went kayaking with my mom over the weekend.  It was so incredibly peaceful and relaxing.  I got a mondo sunburn from it, but it was totally worth it!

I am really loving my new job too!  The people I work with are so easy-going and fun, and I look forward to getting to go to work!  In case you're curious, I'm working for a wedding videography and photography studio.  (Of course I have no talent for filming or editing, but I get to do all of the scheduling and office work.)  I sort of really love working with artists, because I totally understand the creative side of things, but I get to be the organized calm in the middle of the creative chaos.  It's super fun!

I've been making a few changes to my fitness program, trying to find a new rhythm.  I'm getting a bike for my birthday (hopefully before my birthday), so until then, the bike riding is on hold.  I also don't have a place to swim on a regular basis, and that's the part that's making me the most nervous.  I'm fair at swimming, but I was just getting the hang of the form and breathing of lap swimming before we moved.  So, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with that.  But the running is still going well.  I've changed Wednesdays to speed days where I run a 5k and try to beat last week's time every week, so that's what I did this morning.  Mondays and Saturdays are the longer runs now.  But that's enough about my fitness routine...

Oh!  I almost forgot that I started a new scarf this weekend!  If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a preview of that.  But now I've got the loom all warped up, and I wove the first few rows the other night, so here's a sneak peek!  (The dark blue is the warp; the white is just filler.)

That's about all I've got going right now.  I did bake a batch of the Gooey Funfetti Cake Bars for everyone to take with their lunches this week, and boy are they good!  If you haven't tried them yet, you should!  (Ha!  That kind of rhymed.)

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