Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Julep Box

This month's Julep box is a definite win!  Yes, I have already tried out the three new products I got in the mail on Monday.  :)

The subscription I have gets me two polishes and one related beauty product each month, so here's what I got:

  • A silvery-purple polish called Colette
  • A purpley-silver polish called Sera
  • Julep's Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
  • And an extra:  three Pixy Sticks!  Hehe!  (And yes, there is only one in the photo because Thomas and I ate the other two the moment I opened up the box.  I don't think I'd had a Pixy Stick in about ten years or more!  Lol.)

I love that the two polishes I got this month coordinate really well.  Here's the manicure I did on Tuesday, even though its already chipped because I painted my nails and then promptly began a hardcore cleaning session... I should have known that was a dumb idea with freshly-painted, still-slightly-tacky nails.

I'm not exactly sure how well the base coat will work yet.  It is supposed to help your nails breathe and grow better with polish on.  And it also smooths out the surface of your nails so that your polish goes on more evenly, lasts longer, and doesn't stain your nails.  (Cause who doesn't hate yucky colored nails?!)  I did notice that I only needed one coat of each of these colors.  I'm not sure if that's due to the pigmentation of these particular polishes or because the base coat was being awesome, but I'll make sure to follow up on that as I continue to try it out!

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