Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things

Ok.  I'd randomly like to talk about a few of my recent favorite things.  Being at home more puts me into more mood swings.  I guess that's what I get since my mood isn't totally dominated by stressed-out and overwhelmed anymore.  More feelings!  Yay!  Lol.

Anyway... here are a few things that I've really loved lately.
  1. The tv show "New Girl" ~ Thomas and I watched season 1 via Netflix a while back, and we loved it.  So, since they added season 2 in the last few weeks, we finally got started on it.  Man-oh-man!  I have loved sitting on the couch with Thomas cackling at the tv.  Seriously, it's probably a good thing that we don't have neighbors at the moment, because they might think we were hiding a hyena in our apartment while we're watching the show.  It's so awkward... but SO funny.  (And also sometimes very inappropriate... there's your warning.)
  2. Treadmills ~  I cannot explain in words how much more enjoyable running on a treadmill is than running outside.  Seriously.  Even though the weather has started to get more incredibly beautiful lately, I still choose to go run on a treadmill.  Basically, I'm a wimp.  So, I give up pretty quickly when I'm out running on my own.  But the treadmill doesn't let me wimp out!  I set a program that changes things up every couple of minutes to keep it interesting, and I can watch the time count down, and I can watch tv, and I can see (roughly) how many calories I'm burning, etc.  I just love that the treadmill keeps the pace steady and doesn't let you slow down when you start getting tired.  Simply put: the treadmill makes my lack of will power obsolete!  Yay!
  3. Beth Moore's Beloved Disciple ~ seriously... tomorrow's post is also about this Bible study.  It's just amazing.  God is teaching me so much and telling me everything I really need to hear.
  4. My hair ~ Really, my hair is the longest it's been, I think, ever in my entire life.  And it's awesome.  It's so fun to get to play around with it and try out different styles.  I've also been French braiding it periodically, just to check and see if I can still magically do it.  Seriously, I literally woke up that one day and could French braid.  It's awesome.  I've always wanted my hair to be super long, but I also always get bored with it somewhere in the middle and rashly decide to chop it off.  But it's really long, and it's not getting chopped anytime soon as far as I can see.
  5. The YouVersion Bible App ~ Since I got my iPhone, I've been using the Blue Letter Bible app, which I really like, but I was just looking for a change a week or two ago, so I downloaded YouVersion.  There's really only one reason why this is on my faves list: they have a French translation!  I have wanted a Bible in French for years, and now I finally have one!  Woohoo!  It's awesome to get to read it in French, and I've already expanded my vocabulary too!  It's exciting.
  6. My kitty ~ She has decided that every morning, at some point, I have to sit on the couch so she can come nap on my lap.  It is positively adorable!  I will sit on the couch for an hour with my legs aching and my feet asleep just to feel that warm bundle of fur zonked out on my lap.
And lastly, some of my current cravings.  Seriously, I have cravings like a pregnant woman every day of my life.  I can't imagine what it would be like if I ever did get pregnant!  Yikes!
  1. Sprees ~ I mentioned them in passing the other day during a game of Scattergories, and now I can't get them out of my head.
  2. Ice cream ~ All the time.  All the time.
  3. Homemade Apple Pie ~ Seriously.  As soon as we eat the cake we have at the house right now, I am stinkin' making a PIE!
  4. Panera - I could eat just about everything in that place.
 So, obviously, if you can't tell from the blog's previous content, all I ever think about is dessert.  It's pretty ridiculous.

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