Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh Spring Break!

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but I am a high school teacher.  So, I'm on spring break right now.  *Sigh of contentment*

I had planned to blog like crazy over break, but I'm just having such a good time relaxing, that I keep forgetting to blog.  That, and the fact that I'm not a natural at taking pictures of my food.  I have several recipes I'd like to share, but my first inclination when I try a new recipe is to shove it in my mouth as fast a humanly possible.  So, it's usually not until whatever-it-is is gone that I think... maybe I should have taken a photo of that for the blog.  Oops.

But, I'll write up a few recipes today anyway.
 This morning, the hubs was incredibly wonderful (actually, he's been pretty darn amazing all week.  I told you, he's pretty much a pro at brownie points!) and he woke up before the crack of dawn to take me to the beach to watch the sunrise.  Now, only those of you who know Thomas will know what a special thing that was.  This is a man who has to set an alarm to wake up at 9 am every day.  So, 6:30 is the earliest he's woken up in at least a year.

So, we drove over to the beach and sat on the sand to watch the sun rise.  And it was lovely.  There is just something about greeting the day that way.  Watching it truly begin and just sitting there thankful, thinking about all the wonderful things you have during the day to come.

 After we watched the sun rise, we went to a little cafe nearby called "The Blueberry Muffin"!  I mean, does that sound like me or what?!  Se we had a delicious breakfast with some fresh, made-from-scratch muffins.  I, of course, had blueberry, and Thomas had chocolate chip (his favorite).

So, now, Thomas is napping (hehe), and I'm getting ready to go for my run!  I've been running a mile about every other day.  I've also started doing some other random exercises on the off days.  Mainly because we've been bums on spring break, sitting around the house more than usual.  And it has been lovely!

I have some major recipes to blog, and I'll have to work on those today.  Until then, Happy Friday!

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