Saturday, February 23, 2013

What a Weekend!

How's your weekend going?!

Mine is GREAT!!!  I have been so incredibly productive in the last 28 hours that I had to make a list of things I wanted to blog about!

So, tomorrow is Thomas' birthday, but since Sundays are pretty busy for us, we spent most of today celebrating!  And hey, why wait until your actual birthday when you could celebrate for a whole weekend?!

I have been contentedly stuck in the kitchen the past two days.  So, here's the rundown of my weekend so far:
 First homemade cheesecake with fresh blackberry sauce!  Click here for the recipe!

Two chicken casseroles (one for us and one for a friend)!

Sewed a dress!  Pics to follow.

 One of the hubby's faves for breakfast, Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Delicious Chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight (Thomas' favorite and his own recipe)!  You can find this recipe here.

New bread recipe from Pinterest!

AND... perhaps one of the most interesting things: I ran this morning.  And nothing life threatening was chasing me.  How 'bout that?!  (FYI, I don't run.  Period.  The last time I ran was in an airport when I was trying to make a flight.  And I can't even remember the time before that.)  So, I felt all healthy and awesome today!

So, I've got some recipes to share with you!  Check back for them soon!!!

Happy Saturday.  Now back to hanging out with my birthday boy!  :)

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