Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wins: Houses and Birthdays

So, it's Wednesday, officially the middle of the week!  Whew!  Thank goodness because I am pooped!

Instead of dwelling on all the negatives (aka, all the areas I'm failing at being content), let's talk about some victories!  In our small group Bible study, we are doing a study called "Better Together" by Rick Warren (author of The Purpose-Driven Life).  And this week, he said two things that really stuck with me.  He was talking about 1 Corinthians 13 (the "Love" chapter), and it says that love always hopes.  And he used an acronym for "hope" that I really liked: "Holding On Praying Expectantly".  That's a great way to describe hoping; praying expectantly and holding on when you don't know what's going to happen.  Because, really, we never know what's going to happen.  No one knows what God is about to do in their life, maybe even tomorrow.  So, I am going to hold on a pray expectantly while I'm working on being content.

The other point he made was that loving someone means we rejoice in their victories.  And that really hit home with me, because that's something God has been working on in me.  You see, one of my best friends just finished building her dream home!  And it is GORGEOUS!!!  The first time she took me to see it, I was really, really struggling with discontent and jealousy.  It didn't matter that she's been married twice as long as I have or that she and her husband have worked really, really hard to be able to build their dream home.  These thing didn't matter, because, when that little discontentment bug weasels into your life, details don't matter.  Nothing is fair.  Period.  And it took some time and prayer for me to get over it and be happy for her.  But, God helped me past that struggle, and let me tell you, it has been soooooo rewarding to help her move into her new home and really, truly, honestly be insanely excited for her.  (And it does help that she's going to let me come over and bake with her in her AWESOME new kitchen!)  It has been so freeing and so wonderful to rejoice in her victory.  I hope you can find an area in one of your loved ones' lives to do the same.

Also, a small victory for me tonight:  Thomas' birthday is on Sunday, and I love trying to spoil him.  (I say 'trying' because I'm not very good at it.)  But, tonight, after a full day's work, I was not excited to go run around town to get all of his presents and stuff.  But, I did, and there's something wonderful about a small accomplishment wrapped up in pretty paper and bows!  Yay!!!  (Now I just can't wait for Saturday and Sunday when we get to celebrate!!!!!!)
I will also be making my first homemade cheesecake this weekend for his birthday dessert, and I just can't wait to try it and tell you how it turns out!!!

So, now, I'm off to go make some of the "ice cream" that's all over Pinterest.  You know, the healthy version that's only made out of bananas.  Yum yum.  I'm feeling pretty content tonight in the little areas.  Is there anything you're content with today?!

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