Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's Up With Wednesdays? {Wednesday Wins}

So apparently my car doesn't like me on Wednesdays anymore.  If you recall, last Wednesday, I locked my keys in the car (only the second time I've done that in the almost 10 years I've been driving).  Ok, so I guess that wasn't really my car's fault.  Today, however, it just died.  And I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault.  Thankfully, my wonderful hubby was available to come rescue me...again.  (I really hope he likes damsels in distress, because that's apparently what I'm becoming.)  Unfortunately though, it had to be towed, and we have no idea what is wrong with it and how much it will cost.  So, if I even have a car at my disposal next Wednesday, I'm pretty sure I will be avoiding using it!  Lol.

It's funny, though, how this all ties in. Our church is currently in the middle of a two week revival.  And to be honest, before it began, I was not excited about the prospect of having all of my free weeknights taken up with church services.  We have gone, however, and God has used the revival to teach me/remind me of several things.  And one of the two main things He's spoken to me about is needing Him every minute of every hour of every day.  The revival leaders have said the phrase "God I need you" so many times, encouraging people to pray that phrase to the Lord as many times as you can throughout the day, not just in times of trouble.

And today, as I was driving away from the house to take myself to lunch with a good friend a.k.a. a good book and then do a little leisure shopping, I was feeling pretty good.  Monday and Tuesday weren't very good days for me.  Nothing really bad happened, they were just blah and rough.  But this afternoon, I was doing worlds better, especially at the prospect of spending a relaxing afternoon out of the house.  But that phrase popped into my head as I was driving down the road thinking about how good of a mood I was in.  And so I prayed in that moment, telling the Lord that I need Him even in the good days.  Because only He knows what else will happen in my day.  And it's on the good days that really bad things tend to blindside you and end up that much worse.

So when, after my last stop of the day (getting gas), the car would not start, yet my day was not ruined.  God had maybe somewhat prepared me because I remembered praying that prayer and almost laughed at its significance.  So, even though the car is now in the shop with who knows how much money's worth of repairs awaiting it, I'm not worried.  It's still almost comical.  Especially since it's the second Wednesday in a row I've had car issues.  So thank you to the Lord for always being there when I need you, which is on the good days and the bad.

So, now that that story has been told, let's back up in my day a little bit.  I had some delicious lunch at Panera (my favorite, and one of the only places I really feel not-awkward eating with only a book for company).  And then I was going to head over to Ulta because I really wanted to spice up my eyeshadow collection (which is extremely limited), and grab a high quality clear coat nail polish so that my color polish would stop chipping so quickly after I paint my nails.  But, when leaving Panera, I had the (fabulous) idea to stop by Marshall's first because they usually have some O.P.I. nail polishes really cheap, and I just enjoy walking around and looking at all the home decor, etc.  And check it out:
I grabbed all of this for less than $15!!!
I'm not familiar with the E.L.F. brand, but I don't even care... I mean, look at all those colors!!!  I just love that I got so many colors to try out and see what I like.  There are a lot of warm neutrals with the brights to mix it up!
And the only thing I was unsure of when I decided to buy a high-quality clear polish a few days ago was finding the right product.  I wanted a good brand (which usually means expensive, I'm a little more picky about my nail polish brands), but I also knew that good brands almost always have ninety million types of clear coats, and I wasn't sure what I was going to need.  So this little trial set gives me four different options to try out, so I can figure out what I like before I buy a full-size bottle.  I'm also excited that the set includes a nail hardener.  My nails have been in pretty poor shape lately and could really use a boost!

I ended up not even going to Ulta because I had already gotten more than I bargained for at a much cheaper price!  Thus, God also gave me a really good day before the tough part hit.  Because the Lord is with me at all times, I am still having a great day in the face of a pretty big setback.  Thank you to God!

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