Thursday, January 30, 2014

So If I Don't Use the Car on a Wendesday...

...It will save it's break-down for Thursday.  When I have somewhere important to go.  When I am on a schedule.  When the hubby isn't home to let me use the other car.

But, thankfully, he could come home and rescue me for the third time in three weeks.  This time he just had to let me use the other car, and I wasn't stranded anywhere except at home.

So yeah.  This is getting a little ridiculous!  The car got fixed, and we got it back on Monday, but apparently it's not over its problems.  So there's a pretty good chance that it will be heading back to the shop tomorrow.  {Sad face}

It's a little comical, and I'm glad I can laugh at it a little bit.  But it's frustrating at the same time.  Though I can't blame the car for being tired.  It's 19 years old.  But it's been a pretty good 19 years.  It's the car that became "mine" when I turned 16.  So, I will be a little sad to see it go when it's time comes, though also really happy because it's just getting really old and the air conditioning doesn't work (sort of a problem when you live in Florida).  I'm just really, really praying it can wait a little longer because we really do not want to buy another car right now.  Our other car is almost paid off, and it would be so so nice not to have a car payment for a while.

Anyway, yeah... unfortunately the car saga continues...

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