Sunday, December 15, 2013

What the Fox Do {Sunday Fun Day}

Thomas and I were just talking about that strange video "What the Fox Say" this morning, so when I just went to write the title to the following post, that's what popped in my head.  That is in no means a push for you to go watch the video unless you want to waste 3-4 minutes of your life.  (Yes, unfortunately, I've seen it.)

Anyway, here's what this post is really about... It is actually about foxes.  But not about what noises they make.  The following video is a clip from the recent Discovery Channel special called "North America".  You know, one of those nature shows that features tons of amazing nature footage and voice-over narration by someone with a great reading voice (in this case Tom Selleck).

Moving on... this clip is about a fox that lives in a wintry landscape and how it hunts to stay alive.  Now, normally when they show animals hunting, I automatically change the channel, but this clip is not graphic.  There is only a little squeaking from a poor little animal, but that's it.  And this fox is just so dang cool and adorable that I just love it!

Ok, here you go.  Watch this awesome clip.
Wow!  That is just so cool!  I just love that God made an animal, that's been around for-like-ever, that uses physics, math, etc. that we humans just discovered in recent years.  It's just amazing how intricate God is.  How creative He is when He creates not only us, but all living things.  And He likes when we stop to awe in how awesome He is and give him credit for his amazing work!  Does it get more interesting than things like this?!

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