Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scarves=My Fave Accessory {Wednesday Wins}

Welp, I finally took this baby off the loom, got it all finished up and ready to go, and.....  I don't love it.  Lol.  Not surprisingly, this happens sometimes.  Usually when I try to push out of my comfort zone and use different colors/materials that I normally wouldn't gravitate towards.

I DO like the way the pattern turned out.  I like how scrunchy and thin it is.  It looks a little messy and lived-in, and I like that about it.  I always love the way this yarn feels too.  How could you go wrong with 100% silk?!

The thing I don't like about it is mainly the color.  I chose these colors, if you remember, because they were like a less ukky version of fall colors.  As it turns out, I just still don't love it.  I'm more of a vivid, vibrant, pop color kind of girl when it comes to my scarves.  This one just isn't quite as bright as the ones I normally tend towards.  (It doesn't help that fall is my least favorite season.  I'm a summer girl, and I like summer colors.)

Also, it doesn't help that it started raining today before I could take the photos.  So the lighting was all wonky.  I was able to edit them up a bit, but I never really feel like photos show the true colors anyway.

So, you're probably thinking, how is this a win?  True, I don't love the scarf, and it will probably go in the closet with the other scarves that I'm not crazy about and therefore hardly ever wear, but it is just such a sense of accomplishment to finish something tangible.  Something that took hours to complete and was frustrating.  And one of the best parts of weaving, for me, is getting to pick out the next one and warp it onto the loom, watching the colors come together!  (Speaking of that, I already warped up another one last night!  I'll take some photos when the lighting is better, a.k.a. when it's not raining.)  So, finishing it is a win, even if the scarf itself isn't.

One last thing, (not to be a saleswoman or anything) if you ever like a scarf I've made or want one made-to-order, I'd love to weave one for you if you're willing to cover the cost of the yarn.  Just as an example, this scarf is made of really nice quality yarn (and of course it's my fave) and it cost me about $15 to make (so this one's up for grabs if you like it; like I said I'll probably never wear it!).  So, just let me know if you ever want one!

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