Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh dear blog {Lundi Little Lovelies}

Well.... once again I quickly fell into the habit of not blogging.  Lately it seems that I haven't blogged because I think about what I would say and then think well no one would want to read about that.  But that's the kicker.  This blog is not 100% for your benefit.  Mostly, it's for me.  Uber girl confession coming up:  I just really love journals.  Seriously.  I've been writing non-stop since I learned how.  I love to write; it calms me, helps me see more clearly, gives me a safe vent for frustration, shows me my true self.  And quite literally, I have a box in the closet right behind me that has at least six fully-filled prayer journals that start the night I became a Christian 11 years ago.  (My husband can attest to this... they have made several moves with us through the years.  And they're not incredibly light either!)  Sometimes more than writing them, I enjoy looking back and re-reading them weeks, months, and years later.  They show me all of the things God has brought me through and the amazing blessings I've been given along the way.  

So really, this blog is just a more public forum for me to record my life in.  I still keep my personal journals for things that are just between me and God, but I do enjoy the fact that the blog can help me keep in touch with my family who are 1100 miles away.  But more than that, the blog is a way for me to document what's going on in my life so I can look back on it later and see how amazing my God is!

So, strap in (if you're still reading)...  you may not care about the Little Lovelies I'm sharing today, but I've newly reminded myself that I don't care about how many pageviews I get.  I want to document these things so I can remember them in the years to come!

  • Thomas and I had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios for the first time on Friday night with the youth group for Rock the Universe.  (I know, right?!  I've never been to any of the attractions in Orlando and I've lived here for over two years now...)  It was a fun time, even though it rained constantly.  Thomas and I absolutely LOVE amusement parks, so we were stoked to go!  I was a little underwhelmed with the amount of rides they had.  Literally 10.  Total.  And a regular 1-day, 1-park pass is $92!  Personally, I'm really glad we haven't gone for that price.  I mean, I'm used to Six Flags St. Louis where tickets are more like $40 and there are dozens of rides.  Overall, I had a really good time, and the concerts were great.  But I'm glad we haven't previously paid a bunch of money to go since I wouldn't have felt like it was worth that much.
  • Last week, I joined a women's Bible study at church, and I'm so glad I worked up the courage to go!  Since I'm such a scaredy cat about everything, I almost turned the car around about 8 times on the way there.  But I succeeded in driving to church, getting out of the car, walking into the building, and sitting down in the Bible study.  (That's really hard for me when I don't know anyone.  I'm really shy before I get to know people.)  I'm so glad I went though, and I know God has great things planned for me and this group of women through the course of the study!
  • Yesterday, Thomas had the honor of being ordained as a deacon at our church.  Wow!  This has been an interesting time for me, mainly because I've always thought of deacons as old men.  But I'm really excited and honored that Thomas (and I) get to serve in this way.  We really love our church, and it has been so amazing to finally find a place where we feel like we belong.  So, I am very interested to find out more personally what serving as a deacon's wife looks like!
  • On a less serious note: Tonight we're having round steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and all the fixins for dinner (a wonderful recipe of my mom's), and I am excited!  I found the steak on sale last week, and I've been dying to have this meal ever since.  Ooh, it's soooo yummy!
  • Oh, and we have volleyball tonight!  Woohoo!
In other news, I have a cookie recipe I want to share, but I haven't gotten a chance to take any photos the last couple of times I've made them because I forget, and then they're all gone.  Oh well!

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