Saturday, September 14, 2013


Well... it has been an interesting week around here.  I feel like I've been pretty busy, but then I think about the fact that I don't even have a job, so it can't have been that busy!

So now it's Saturday, and I'm hanging out all by my lonesome again.  I'm having an interesting morning though!  I'm finishing up my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow morning, and when reading through a specific part of the lesson, they talked about George Mueller and the orphanages he started and maintained through faith alone.  And the trip down memory lane begins...

When we were younger, vacations consisted of long car rides to our destination.  And one of my brother's and my ways to pass the time was with "Adventures in Odyssey".  An audio series made by Focus on the Family that chronicles the lives of several characters.  The 30ish minute episodes always have a Biblical lesson embedded in them.  We had multiple seasons of "Adventures in Odyssey" on tape (yes, I said tape) and on CD for the car.  I can remember so many times of driving through the countryside with my headphones on, listening to the episodes.

And today, while reading the illustration about George Mueller, I remembered a specific episode that talked about him and his faith.  Of course, I had to get on the website and find the episode, etc.  And oh my, what a walk down memory lane, looking through the series and episodes that I've listened to many, many times.  I was literally laughing out loud with memories.  Oh, wow!

Sorry... this reminiscing is probably pretty boring for everyone except me.  Oh well.

One of my other tasks today is to figure out and bake a snack for Bible study tomorrow night.  So I guess that a portion of my day will be spent on Pinterest!  What's new?!  Lol.

One other thing that makes me laugh out loud and warms my heart... this girl right here!  I love my silly kitty cat!  Here, she is featured in one of her favorite napping spots: Thomas' sock drawer!  Lol.
 And here she is, cuddling with her momma a few days ago!  Aww!  She just melts my heart!
Happy weekend!

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