Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Twenty-Five and Counting...

Woot woot!  Today I turned 25.  So, here's how I spent my day!

We woke up this morning and opened presents!
 Love "Doctor Who"!  Got some new kitchen stuff to match my dishes.  A girl can never have too much nail polish!  And, to take care of the my kid side, one of my favorite Disney movies!  "Yzma!  Yzma's in your chair!"  (Love Kronk!)  And of course, I watched my new movie!

Then we had lunch and spent the afternoon at the beach!  There is absolutely nowhere else I'd rather be!

Of course, dinner was at my favorite seafood place in Cocoa Beach, The Lobster Shanty!

And here's my fabulous birthday dessert!  (Which I did not make)  Cheesecake covered in strawberries!  Yum yum!
It has been a wonderful day!  I am so blessed!  Contentment is achieved for today!

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