Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Being an adult... {Wednesday Wins} not always fun.  Bills, jobs, cleaning the house, laundry, taxes, etc.  The list of un-fun things you "get" to do when you're an adult goes on and on.

But... sometimes being an adult can be super fun.  Like when you're planning on having an early dinner one night, so you know you don't really need to eat lunch... and so you and the hubby decide that ice cream sounds good... for lunch...

 And then your ice cream ends up probably being more calories than you should eat in an entire day...
... But you proceed to eat the entire thing anyway.

And there isn't anyone there to tell you no.  (Even though a rational person, child or adult, probably should.)  Also, notice the goofy smile... apparently sugar highs can kick in very quickly, even while you're still eating the sugary food!  Lol.

So, being an adult isn't all that bad sometimes!  Being an adult=win!

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