Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My New Adventure {Wednesday Wins}

I am so excited to share about my new project!  For months now, I have been toying with the idea of becoming a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, and I finally took the plunge!  So, I am now an independent Thirty-One consultant.  {Please note that all of the following comments are my personal opinions and do not reflect the views of Thirty-One Gifts.}  : )

First off, what is Thirty-One, you ask?  It's a company that sells a variety of fun and functional products that help you organize your life.  The products are super cute and range from home organization to purses, and almost everything in between.  Thirty-One products are sold through independent consultants (much like Mary Kay, Avon, or similar jewelry lines like Lia Sophia).  Thirty-One is also a Christian based company that was founded on the values from Proverbs 31.  Honestly, the more I find out about the Thirty-One community, the more excited I become!

Next up: Why Thirty-One?  Well, I've thought off and on about trying something like this: selling jewelry or make up, etc.  But I had never found products that I really felt passionate about.  I always hesitated because I wanted to make sure that I would personally buy the products I would be trying to sell.  Most people know that I am NOT a salesperson.  So, this is a big stretch for me, but I'm really excited because I just love the Thirty-One products and everything the company stands for.

So, if you are an organization fiend (like me) or just love cute bags, etc.  You should definitely check out Thirty-One.  I just can't wait to start figuring everything out and sharing all of their lovely products!  Feel free to check out my website if you're interested in learning more about Thirty-One!

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